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Messenger seem to have finally hung on web-enabled mobile phones (= Short Message Service) SMS. In 2012, the first time more short messages via instant messenger such as WhatsApp, IM + or Viber sent as SMS. Your use is much cheaper compared to the SMS delivery usually. LOOKING TO GO! Tips for the safe handling of instant messengers.

What is Instant Messaging?

Instant Messaging (English: “instant messaging”) allows it – similar to the chat – near real-time messages exchange between the participants. Unlike SMS Messenger services are not a separate service of mobile operator, but can access the internet. Besides well-known messengers like WhatsApp and social networks like Facebook and companies like Microsoft and Yahoo have their own instant messaging systems as an app for mobile devices. Can be roughly divided into native mobile messenger apps that are specifically designed for mobile use, eg WhatsApp, kik for mac, Viber, Snapchat and services that are now available as a desktop version, but also via app, for example, Skype, Facebook Messenger and ICQ.

How does an Instant Messenger?

The Instant Messenger programs offered on the Website of the provider or the various app stores to download. After downloading the program to the smartphone, the user can create an account. From the information he enters here, later the own Messenger profile is created. Upon completion of the registration you receive a password and a unique user ID, which can be either the e-mail address, a user name or phone number. Most Instant Messenger do not require repeated application. The user opens the relevant app, he can – so far an Internet connection is made – directly access messages. His friends, the user is displayed in this moment as “online”.


One of the currently most popular Instant Messenger WhatsApp is. Currently 13.7 million people in Germany use the service. Worldwide, the use of 250 million active users. As the JIM study in 2013 shows 70 percent of young mobile phone owners in Germany “WhatsApp” installed on their phone. For 81 percent of app-owners include Messenger apps to the main – almost all entries in this category are accounted for by “WhatsApp” (80%). The WhatsApp Messenger is an app for Internet-enabled mobile phones that allows users on different operating systems (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, etc.) of time to communicate with each other. The name is the English phrase “What’s up?” (“What’s wrong?”, “What’s going on?”) Ajar and is complemented by an “app” (engl. Application “application”).

The sending of messages through the WhatsApp Messenger is via an Internet connection. It is therefore – apart from cost of the mobile Internet – free of charge to send messages using WhatsApp. The message can attach photos, video and audio files as well as contacts and their own location. In addition to the exchange of messages between two people, also communicating in groups is possible.


How much is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger the obtained in the corresponding app store its operating system. It is free for all operating systems, download the application and for a year to use. WhatsApp is funded by an annual fee, which is payable from the second year and $ 0.99 (approx € 0.89) is. The subscription fee is not deducted automatically – you have to agree with her in all cases.

How do I sign up for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp for you do not need another user name and a PIN. Registration takes place on its own, existing mobile phone number. If you have installed the application, it first requests access to the address to connect automatically with your own contacts. This is a process that has been criticized by privacy advocates always sharp. More on this under “Problems with the Data Protection”. The contacts have also installed the WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically displayed in the app. Now you can – write as with SMS – communicate with all these people.

The profile

While installing the WhatsApp Messenger will be prompted to set a custom profile picture and enter a name. The selected image is displayed in the Connection Profile in communicating with others. Uploading a profile picture is optional. If no profile image is selected, the contacts will either display the image that have this saved in their address for a person or a generic placeholder image.

In addition, there is the opportunity to submit a status message, which can be viewed by the WhatsApp contacts. This is a real-time display, with which one can keep his contacts informed of it, what you are doing. If a user sets a status, anyone who has saved his number and has WhatsApp, see this message, even if the user is offline can. A status message can view it by opening the WhatsApp Messenger and on the “favorites” – or “Select Contact” list goes. Where it is located below the names of the contacts. The status message is also optional.

Add contacts

The mobile phone number of a contact must be stored in its own address so that we can communicate via WhatsApp with this. In addition, the contact must have WhatsApp installed and enabled on his phone again. If a contact that is in your own address book has WhatsApp installed on his smartphone / cell phone, it automatically appears in the “Select Contact” or Favorite list.

The group chat

Another feature that distinguishes the WhatsApp Messenger of the ordinary SMS, is the function of the group chats. In a group of up to 50 contacts can be made. The one who founded the group, is automatically the administrator and is the only person who can add more participants to the group. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to use a group for each operating system

Broadcast message

The broadcast function allows you to send a message to many people without the individual recipient know who has not yet received the message but him. A broadcast can be sent to up to 50 contacts at a time. The recipient must have saved in Contacts, to receive the message to their own phone number. This is to prevent spam.

Timestamp: “… last seen” and “online”

“Online” and “last seen …” indicate whether a contact is online or when he was active the last time in WhatsApp. The specification can be found in the chat window of the corresponding contact in their name. “Online”: A contact has opened WhatsApp and has an Internet connection. “Last time online …”: The date on which the contact has left the application.


Problems with Parental Controls

In terms of use WhatsApp, it means that you must be at least 16 years old to use the application:

“You did affirm you are more than 16 years Either of age, or at minor emancipated, or possess legal parental or guardian consent, and are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in synthesis Terms of Service, and to abide by and comply with synthesis Terms of Service. In any case, you affirm you are at least did 16 years old as the WhatsApp service is not Intended for children under 16. If you are under 16 years of age, you are not permitted to use the WhatsApp service … “(Stand: 25.07.2013, Source: / legal)

Before downloading the application will be controlled in any way, whether the user is at least 16 years old or not. iTunes, the App Store of Apple, writes for the WhatsApp Messenger even the recommendation “4+” of, ie for children from four years.

Problems with the Privacy Policy

In the past, WhatsApp has been repeatedly criticized because of serious safety deficiencies. By May 2012, the data traffic between the mobile phone and the server was WhatsApp for example. Not encrypted. This means chat messages and sent pictures were when you were online in a public wireless network, relatively easily hacked seen by third parties and users accounts. Today it says on the website of WhatsApp Inc .: “WhatsApp communication between your phone and our servers are fully encrypted. We save your chat history is not on our servers. All chat messages are private and will only be stored until they can be delivered . “. Whether this is indeed so, it may be doubted, for reports that user accounts were hacked and then bombarded with spam make the rounds again.

WhatsApp Inc. is still mainly due to the transfer of names and phone numbers in the public criticism. Privacy advocates complain that when using the app the full address of the user is forwarded unencrypted to the server by WhatsApp Inc. American. Thus, these data can theoretically be picked up easily by potential attackers on the way. Is extremely problematic, especially that this is not only to their own data, but also to the data of people who do not even have the WhatsApp Messenger might.

To make matters worse, that the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of WhatsApp Messenger is available only in English! People who are not or not sufficiently powerful of the English language, no opportunity is given to the guidelines, which they are to agree to understand at all.

How can you protect yourself?

WhatsApp Inc. was and is criticized not sufficient to guarantee the security of user data. This is especially true for the older versions of the Messengers. For this reason it is advisable to at least always use the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger. Updates should, as soon as these are published, are also installed!

Note: If you use WhatsApp, one must be aware that the application to the address book of your own mobile phone access. Because only in this way does the principle of WhatsApp: The identification of contacts that have WhatsApp, via the data from the address book, and only in this way it is possible, with all its contacts on WhatsApp to communicate.

Problems with privacy

WhatsApp has not only access to the complete phone book, but also on SMS messages and calendar entries, and pictures. It is not possible to restrict access. Since privacy settings in WhatsApp are not available, it is up to the users themselves to pay attention to sent content. That is, you should only send such content that should read or see. It also applies here: Think before you write!

Of the few ways to protect the data is essential to make use of. So users can issue in WhatsApp others to see when you were last online (“timestamp”) and her profile picture or their status made available only to certain people. In any case, parents are well advised to study the access permissions of the app before installation, security settings of the application and to activate the device, turn off location services and to examine encrypted alternatives.

Problem of unwanted contact

About WhatsApp it is only possible to establish contact with someone about whose number you have. In general, the concerns those contacts that are also found in their own address book. However, it may also be the case that the user receives the unknown person contact. This is for example possible if the own mobile phone number is a larger public. So they find some social networks etc. It may also happen that mobile phone numbers have been intercepted during transmission from the mobile phone to the WhatsApp server by unauthorized third parties, and these are then used by them.

When receiving a message from an unknown number, displayed in the chat window the buttons “Add” and “blocking”. If you click on “Block”, you will no longer receive messages from the unknown contact. The ability to block a number in advance, does not exist. If a blocked contact, obtained from this via WhatsApp no ??more messages, then also it is no longer possible to send the blocked person messages. In addition, the blocked person can not see, when to “last seen …” was or whether it is just “online”. Nor display changes to the own profile. Are you a contact free again, it does not receive messages that have this sent in the time of its blockade. Detailed instructions for blocking a person for any OS can be found here:

However, there are two important things that you can not prevent by blocking: The status is still visible to the blocked person where the own number appears under her WhatsApp favorites. Removed by blocking you contact either of its WhatsApp list, yet removed from its own number list. To delete a contact from the list WhatsApp own, you have to delete it from the address book. Even if a WhatsApp contact was blocked in the service itself, it is still possible for them to annoy them with the mobile phone number via SMS, MMS etc. someone on. So you realize that you were blocked with WhatsApp: You can see the time stamp “last seen …” and no longer see “online” in the chat window of the contact. All messages you send to this contact, be (sent message) only with a check and are never (sent message) with two hooks in. Tip: To prevent the contact from strangers, you should always consider carefully in the first place, in which cases it indicates his mobile phone number and most importantly, who to notifying!

Problem with Cyber-Bullying

Young WhatsApp users use the application not only for positive exchange among themselves. Also bullying cases on WhatsApp among young people to take (as of 29.03.2013; source:). Bullying is about to judge the entries in the help forums, especially in WhatsApp instead of groups. It is insulting not only by text, injured or marginalized, but also with images, audio files or videos. WhatsApp is problematic because an offender can not be “Report”. This means that the people that pose the bullying, so that can continue to fear that the provider without sanctions.

Tip: You should not publish content that could be used by other persons adversely (eg, painful or very private photos). If users are too pushy and mean, you can also block them and thus prevent contact.

Note: Cyber-bullying is also in the case of WhatsApp not a trivial offense, but can have serious consequences. For this reason, it is always important to talk about bullying with a person of trust. It is helpful also to make phone screenshots of any statements or save files to it thus can be used in a display.

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Cascading Style Sheets

Preliminary remark:

Even if the successor of Internet Explorer 7, IE 8, already making waves this page remains the improvements on IE 7 reserved. The innovations on IE 8 will in due course covered in another article.

This page answers currently three main questions:

After the work on the rendering engine of Internet Explorer 7 on 23 March 2006 were officially closed, is also released the final version on 18 October 2006.

This means for Webschaffende that the number of IE-7-users is growing daily (with the automatic update to the new version browser after November 01, 2006 in particular) and we have to leave our layouts on IE 7. Changes to the rendering engine are expected again only in a new version. Therefore, one must assume that the problems are still there now, are not eliminated in this version.

In fact, the IE from the many corners of it is missing: the values ??transparent and inherit at all properties, table properties in total or pseudo-class: focus and: lang are just a few examples.

Unlike in the past but not today Webschaffende must wait years again on bug fixes, because the good news is that Microsoft is planning for the future more frequent updates on the model of Firefox. There is a bug database to be created, managed something like Bugzilla and is open to the public for IE-7 feedback (this was only if the Help-Site not ‘temporarily closed’ is). An explanation can be found in Internet Explorer For Mac blog

Next the IE team still aids and tools that will make it easier web designers to update their sites for IE 7:

An Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar to aid in development and debugging of Web sites.

The IE 7 Readiness Toolkit is downloadable and summarizes documentation, tools and support.

The Internet Explorer Developer Center is the new name of the home page for IE7 on Microsoft’s website. It is designed as a starting point for developers who erbeiten with IE.

A useful but simple tool is the IP Netrenderer There are screenshots of any web documents can be created, which can also be issued immediately. To view the presentation of the website, how it looks in IE 5.5, IE 6 and IE 7. Particularly revealing is the issue of the differences between IE 6 and IE 7 rendering or the superimposed representation. This eliminates differences immediately apparent.

Do what?

Those who have not yet incorporated in the aspects, problems, hacks and filters the layout with IE 7 should start now. Further down on this page some workarounds for the problems are presented, which are now still available. Another starting point might be the browser support tables.

Many bugs and quirks of IE / Win 6 were used to date the development of specific hacks. With the help of these hacks can be within stylesheets special rules specifically for IE / Win 6 introduce. Virtually all of these browser bugs have been fixed in the new IE 7, in part but only in Quirks mode, partly also in Strict mode

So if its layout is based on a document type in strict mode and at the same time working with the known hacks, so can suffer shipwreck in IE 7. The same applies to all websites that are already online: under certain circumstances and depending on the context can layout when using the IE 7 be bad even though they work to date easily with the IE / Win 6.

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The 10 favorite apps for families this summer

Apps for weather , for social and information networks have been extremely popular with French families in July, according to the latest report from Médiamétrie on the hearing of the mobile internet.

The holidays are conducive to relaxation, recreation, and to ensure this, it is well known, it is necessary to learn about the weather. Which is reflected in the consumption of applications families. Médiamétrie has been looking to the habits of households with children under 15 years.

It appears that these families further consult the web via their mobile (59% in July), compared to the general population (46.2% of mobile users aged 11 and over).

And they were particularly fond of information on current events, to make his racing or to learn about the weather or what their friends. Two weather services are among the 10 most visited apps (number of sessions per user). Facebook is of course also very welcome. The little surprise is the presence of a news aggregator app content such as News Republic , although one would imagine that it was not necessarily known for this type of audience. Note that this list covers all combined mobile OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone …).

Top 10 applications in July with families with a child under 15 years (number of sessions per user):

  • AccuWeather
  • Facebook
  • Europe 1
  • 20 minutes
  • The Weather Channel
  • Avast!
  • iTunes
  • News Republic
  • Eurosport
  • Chaturbate Token Hack
  • E. Leclerc: several applications are certainly grouped under the term as the “My Leclerc” program ( on Android here ) or “Service Who’s the cheapest? “( on Android here ), although Médiamétrie gives no clarification on this point
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A new feature in Real Racing 3

The racing game Real Racing 3 now allows you to customize your car.
The 2.1.0 update for Real Racing cheats indeed brings a lot of interesting new features:

• Personalisation – Change the rims, adjust the ride height and apply a multitude of great LPs using the powerful customization tools.
• Picture Mode – Set the action button and capture the moment. Apply filters and share photos!
• New cars – the V12 Vantage S, the Vanquish and DB9 Aston Martin give power and design associated with an exhilarating performance.
• New Series All Star Vendetta – Choose your favorite and pick up the victory manufacturer.
• Successful Gold Coins – Go through the steps and collect more gold pieces as a reward for your efforts!
• Support iOS Game Controller 7 – Experience the traditional controller anywhere and anytime.

The most notable features are the ability to customize your vehicle and support for compliant iOS7 such as controllers Stratus at Steelseries or the MOGA Ace Power .

Real Racing 3 is available on the App Store .

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New features coming to iMessage and FaceTime?

Apple is looking for a new engineer for communications on iOS, it will be responsible for implementing new features in FaceTime PC and iMessage . The workplace will be at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, as evidenced by a job offer.

As often happens, the announcement released by Apple is very vague on the exact tasks that the new engineer will face. The company is seeking “a motivated with more than one year of experience in the development of” applications engineer. Here is the announcement:

The new engineer will be responsible for implementing new features on iMessage and FaceTime applications, and the development of complex applications (user interface design and implementation).

The announcement clearly suggests that the Cupertino company is looking to significantly improve FaceTime and iMessage for the release of his next iOS 7 operating system . Both applications are very popular among users of Apple iDevices and it is for this Because Apple seeks to improve.
There are many opportunities for improvement, especially for FaceTime. If Apple wants to compete with services like Skype , then it will add a few features that are currently lacking in the application starting with group video. The company is expected to unveil iOS 7 at WWDC in June, and only then we will know all the new implemented.

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Important facts Minion Rush

minion rush cheatsWhat supervillain, yellow Minions and a plush unicorn have in common? They are all part of the animated film Despicable Me, which you can re-enact on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device itself now! Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Mobile Jump and Run Despicable Me: Minion Rush!

Grus loyal yellow gibberish speaking Minions race at top speed through the streets. Run as Minion with others vied to impress your boss, the (former?) Supervillain Gru! Bounce, fly, avoid obstacles, pins mischief, defeat villains and will Minion of the year!
In the crazy game of skill Despicable Me: Minion Rush for smartphones and tablets you experience surprising Minion moments. Take part in hundreds of missions incorrigible acts. Run through locations from the movie full of funny surprises, secrets and tricky obstacles: grus grus laboratory and residential area. Customize your Minion with unique minion rush cheats, costumes, weapons and extras and fight vectors and a whole new, exclusively for the game invented villains!

In the action packed Jump n Run Despicable Me: Minion Rush get ready for an ingenious mobile gaming 3D graphics with individualized animations and witty commentary. In various mini-games you step here, either alone or against friends and introduce yourself to the challenges. Transform yourself and destroy as Mega Minion what you can. Ride on the plush unicorn and collect bananas. Or hold onto Gru’s rocket for the ride of your life! Here you have the opportunity to really experience many great games – and that too from wherever you want.


Discover hidden areas, unique boss fights as well as some fantastic extras and amuse yourself with your friends! Look during your race their records and send them funny Minion taunts and challenges in order to show them who is Minion of the year!

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Calq number of professionals

icalq_hemo_s3There are good games. Real. With Calq I present you such a game once before. Calq is a logic and casual game for amateur mathematician. The task of the game is to earn as many numbers as possible solution. For this purpose it is necessary to combine on the court as many different cells such that as a result, the desired solution is arrived at. Of course, the cells therefore have numerical values. Green cells are positive numbers, red cells negative values. Blue cells are multipliers by a factor of 2 or 3 cells with stars giving extra points. Smokes you reading already the head? Not so bad, after installation and the first look at the game, the text salad will dissolve into thin air.

The numbers are shifted as in casual games with your finger. For example, cell 1 has the value 4, cell 2 is the value of -3. Combine your now both cells, the result is 1 Everything is clear?

Calq is a real deep stacker. The puzzle game by Daniel Albert Sánchez makes at first glance does not look like much, but the curiosity prevails and you begin to play, it is hard to even stop.

Calq free from the App Store

Here is the link for the free download in the Apple App Store . Now I play a few rounds. The game is good

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Breach & Clear free

unnamedBuilding, plan and fulfill orders: Breach & Clear is currently the best strategy shooter in the Store. There, the game can free now be downloaded for iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs. 3,59 € savings are to get at the price action. Breach & Clear was often in our news, as the game is the current highlight in the genre of strategy shooter. Once you have 418 MB quite extensive download the done, you gain command of a special unit of your choice. U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Navy Seals, Canadian JTF2 and other known units await your commands. The course can be improved and adapted for each mission. Note: The selection of the team decides on victory or defeat. Then it goes to the planning of missions.

Head is required

Clean, Shooting and out again does not work with the game in most cases. Head is required. Plant therefore each mission step by step. Splits your team and takes on many different pages. Be smart, use covers and outwitted the enemy.

Breach & Clear free

Breach & Clear can be free in just today from the App Store will be loaded. Does the times, the game is really good.

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Xbox Live Generator 2014

Generator Xbox LIve

What does it do?
Xbox live code generator can be used to generate XBOX almost instantly. Now altough it can generate false codes from time to time, we calculated that creates codes work 95% of the time. Of course, this means nothing to you that you can not create one if the first does not work! 

What I will have when I download this file?
- You’ll have one of the best programs on the internet, we ELITE on internet marketing for Hacking, our programs are so great and they really work great , download this amazing program and you will be so proud because you have amazing program!

Is it safe for my account?
There is most definitely. The reason is that the generated codes are genuine. XBOX has no idea what you’ve entered the code has been generated, they will think you bought it!

Where to download?

You can download this fantastic little app here: http://xboxlivecodegenerator.biz/

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